3 Things Kids Can Learn From a Robotics Program

When you watched The Jetsons, you may have thought robots were in a far off future. That future is here, because robots are everywhere. They’re a big part of our lives! Because of this, we need people who have the skills and knowledge necessary to work with them. A good NYC robotics programs for kids will allow them to learn a number of skills they can use in the real world.

Launch Math + Science Center has a robotics program for tweens in fifth through seventh grade that is perfect for your budding scientist or engineer. Attending a class like this is extremely beneficial for the following reasons:

It enables them to develop problem solving skills

A robotics program allows students to understand how things work. Tweens put together machines that really work. Of course, they will get to develop their problem-solving skills when they run into issues in putting together the robot.

It improves their computer programing skills

You don’t need to be told how great it is for your tween to have computer programing skills. This will serve them well in the future! Not only is it a fantastic job skill, it is a skill that allows them to have many interesting hobbies.

It furthers their STEM learning

Robotics classes connect science and math concepts to the real world. Students in the robotics program will see different scientific theories at work, like the use of electricity in providing power to the robot and tension and force when they choose the materials used in the robot.

Do not delay! Contact Launch Math + Science Center and sign your tween up for a robotics class. In class, your tween will build a real robot, called “mBot,” that they take home to keep for further exploration! This class starts with an introduction to electronics hardware including an Arduino compatible microcontroller with integrated motor driver, a buzzer, and an infrared LED sensor. As the class progresses students build their robots from the ground up while learning how to program the “brains” of their machines using a coding language either similar to Scratch or the Arduino IDE. By the end of the semester, your tween will have an autonomous roving vehicle that can navigate around obstacles. They will be proud of their robot, and you will be proud of them!

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