I Wanna Be…
An Archaeologist!

I Wanna Be… An Archaeologist!

I Wanna Be… An Archaeologist!

For Students Entering Kindergarten + 1st Grade, Fall 2022

Put on your work boots and grab a shovel because we’re about to travel back in time as we explore the life of an archaeologist! We start by learning about the tools of the trade and then we survey the globe to identify optimal locations for our digs. From artifacts left on land to historical treasures buried at sea, our mini-Archaeologists learn the hidden science behind this intriguing career. Mysteries of the past are uncovered as we explore how ancient civilizations were able to survive – even without iPhones and laptops!

Additional Topics Include: Fossil formation, Hieroglyphics (ancient texting!), Excavation techniques, Dinosaur anatomy, Pottery production

Optional Program Extension Until 3:30 PM: MATH MANIA!
Topic of the Week: Pirate Treasures (see Sample Camp Day below for more details)

STEM Project

Each STEM Project combines a science, technology, or engineering lesson with a creative hands-on project that reinforces the principles learned from the lesson. Projects may be kits that each camper assembles on their own and takes home after camp, they may be coding projects that can be accessed later from any Internet-connected device, or they may be experiments performed individually or in groups.

STEM Discoveries

STEM Discoveries engages campers in challenge-based learning through independent and/or group problem-solving activities. Kids explore a variety of STEM topics and related activities that require creativity and critical thinking skills. Projects range from physical builds using common, everyday materials to mental puzzles that involve collaborative, problem-solving methods.

Math Mania!

The Math Mania! program offers age-appropriate thematic curriculum woven into engaging mathematics-based projects and activities. Using themes such as Carnival Games and Safari Adventures, campers explore topics ranging from money and measurement to data collection and probability – all with a big blast of fun! Math Mania! is an optional offering for K+1st grade campers only. Add this offering to your registration at checkout.

Launch Studios

Lights! Camera! Action! The Launch Studios program puts campers in the director’s chair, in the leading role, and in the cutting room. With a camera in-hand, kids document their activities at camp, plan out entertaining “How-to” videos, design and perform fun skits, and produce a camper-run newscast. Launch instructors lead the way as they educate campers on the tech and techniques required to make cool short videos.

Sample Camp Day:

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