Launch Summer Camps

Math & Science FUNdamentals

AGES 4-5 / Grades Pre-K and Khappy face

Spark your child's math and science interests! During the Launch Math & Science FUNdamentals Camp children explore exciting scientific principles while learning basic math concepts. Through active participation in fun, age-appropriate craft-building, science projects, games and/or demonstrations, campers develop a love and appreciation for math and science.


Four camp sessions are offered (designated 1, 2, 3, 4). While every camp session includes exercises related to basic principles such as number recognition, counting, and addition, each of the four camps offers distinct topics with related projects making each camp experience unique. The following provides a taste of what our campers explore in each session:


Math and Science FUNdamentals 1

There is a world of fun in camp 1! Campers play games while learning to read calendars and sequence days and months. Number, color, and shape patterns are all the rage, and of course we'll explore where these patterns are found in nature. Together we investigate science topics such as density, gravity, and fossils.

Math and Science FUNdamentals 2

More to do in camp 2! Kids play games that help them develop a sense of space and time. How big is a foot? How long is ten seconds? Is it currently AM or PM? Campers participate in hands-on friction experiments and learn how to mix and match paint to create vibrant colors.

Math and Science FUNdamentals 3

It's all about "we" in camp 3! Team-building is the theme as campers go on a pretend "shopping spree" while learning to differentiate coins and recall their values. Subtraction games are part of the daily dose of group activities. Campers learn how to plant seeds, build catapults to learn about projectile motion, and construct shadow theaters to explore principles of light.

Math and Science FUNdamentals 4

They beg for more in camp 4! From plotting farm animal bar graphs to exploring symmetry, campers delve into sophisticated math concepts with age-appropriate activities. And now it's time to think like a real scientist: Let's hypothesize, experiment, record data, and ask questions! Demonstrations involving the three states of matter (solid, liquid, gas) round out the fun.


Math & Science FUNdamentals Camps are one-week, half-day programs held indoors at the Stephen Wise Free Synagogue at 30 West 68th Street. Two separate camp sessions offered daily from 9:00 AM to 11:30 AM and 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM.
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