Math And Science Fundamentals

Math And Science Fundamentals

Grades Pre-K and K
Campers must be 4 years old by June 20th, 2016

Spark your child’s math and science interests! During the Launch Math & Science Pre-K/K Camps children explore exciting Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math (STEM) principles every day of the week. Through active participation in fun, age-appropriate craft-building, science projects, technology demonstrations, and math games, campers develop a love and appreciation for the world of STEM.

Launch Pre-K/K Camps are designed for our smallest scientists and mightiest mini-mathematicians. Read below to learn about the four engaging half day camps offered:

I Wanna Be… An Astronaut!

Three, two, one…blast off! It’s time to learn about rockets, planets, and our solar system! From exploring the design of the International Space Station to simulating the handling and examining of moon rocks, our budding astronauts experience out-of-this world fun! Interactive activities involving planet distance, solar system formation, moon craters, and constellations add a touch of astronomy to the camp mix. Little space explorers will design and create their own rocket ships, jetpacks, rovers, and satellites in preparation to take off to infinity and beyond!

I Wanna Be… An Engineer!

Calling all builders, designers, inventors, and dreamers! By exploring many engineering disciplines ranging from bio-medical to electrical, little hands work to create innovative projects that engage and amaze! From mechanical puppets to electric marble mazes, inventive minds discover what it takes to be an engineer. Curious campers explore how engineers use nature to inspire inventions, develop code to program robots, and generate blueprints to design creations. Ingenuity, here we come!

I Wanna Be… A Physicist!

It’s time for campers to think like real scientists! Using the scientific method, little brains ponder a variety of physics-related topics. From magnetism to density to friction, these future-physicists learn what it means to make hypotheses, perform experiments, record data, and examine results. Through hands-on projects such as designing a pinball run and constructing a mini-catapult, topics such as gravity and motion come alive! And while experimentation takes on many forms – from playing “Sink or Float?” to timing a derby car down a ramp – these campers-turned-mini-scientists are continuously challenged as they explore exciting STEM topics.

I Wanna Be… A Coder!

Calling all future coders! Using the ScratchJr tablet app, budding computer scientists build a foundation for computer programming in this coding camp for munchkins. It all starts with the design of customized characters, the changing of backgrounds, and the testing of motion blocks as campers get a grasp of the basics. Next these mini-coders explore more complex skills such as sequencing motion blocks and creating interactions between characters with the end goal of putting their own spin on an interactive story or game! Camp includes unplugged activities that enable the kids to problem-solve and explore programming logic away from the computer screen as well!

Lunch Bunch Program

Hungry for more fun?

The Lunch Bunch Program is designed to offer a lunchtime option for the time period between the AM and PM camp sessions
(11:30 AM to 1:00 PM). Campers enrolled in a full day of camp (both AM and PM sessions) may stay through lunch by registering for the program (otherwise children must be picked-up at the end of the AM session and brought back at the start of the PM session). During Lunch Bunch campers eat lunch and play organized group games supervised by Launch instructors. Please note, Launch does not provide lunch meals and all food must be supplied by parents. This convenient and engaging add-on is available for an additional $50 per week.


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