NYC Fall STEM Classes for Tweens

The time between being a child and being a full-blown teenager is often referred to as the “tween years.” Far from being a little kid, youngsters at this age don’t want baby games and silly lessons. On the other hand, they aren’t yet ready to for staying home alone. This can make finding an after school activity for them difficult.

The answer is to enroll them in Launch Math + Science Center’s upcoming fall STEM classes! This isn’t learning about dinosaurs, but it not quite the complex sciences of high school either. There are seven different class options to choose from:

  • mBot Robotics
  • Phenomenal Physics
  • Coding with Scratch
  • Coding with Python
  • Coding with Java
  • Private STEM instruction
  • Private math instruction

One of the most popular options is the mBot Robotics course. Allow your tween to join the growing maker culture in this advanced robotics class. Kids move beyond LEGO and build a real robot, called a “mBot,” that they take home to keep for further exploration! They will begin with an introduction to electronics hardware including an Arduino compatible microcontroller with integrated motor driver, a buzzer, and an infrared LED sensor. As the class progresses, your tween will build their robots from the ground up while learning how to program the “brains” of their machines using a coding language similar to Scratch coding. By the end of the semester, he or she will bring home their very own autonomous roving vehicle that can navigate around obstacles, which they created! Phenomenal Physics is also very popular with boys and girls this age, because it allows them to investigate theories that govern our very existence in this physical world we live in. With projects ranging from the construction of a Newton’s Cradle and the assembly of a spectroscope to a very dynamic smoke vortex demonstration, kids analyze the scientific principles of energy, optics, fluid dynamics and more in order to better understand the fundamental physics behind their creations. If your tween loves computers and video games, they will be amazed by taking any of the coding classes and learning how to be a developer and do it on their own! There is also private instructions for any STEM topic, in case your child is falling behind in school or actually doing so well that he or she wants to move ahead of the class.

These programs are specifically designed for boys and girls in the tween years, or from about fourth to eighth grade. If you have a child or grandchild in this age range and are interested in enhancing their learning this fall, Launch Math + Science Center is for you. Look into our fall STEM class offerings and then sign him or her up for their favorite! If you have any questions, we can be reached at (212) 600- 1010.

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