Private And Small Group
Math Tutoring

Private And Small Group
Math Tutoring

Math Tutoring:
The Launch One-2-One Program

 Looking For Math Enrichment?

Consider the inspiring Launch Learning K-8 Math program!

Getting Started

Following your completion of an in-depth data gathering questionnaire, a member of the Launch One-2-One Math Tutoring team consults with you to understand your child’s educational needs, special learning requirements, and schedule availability. Our Launch representative carefully reviews the information you provide and selects the best instructor for the assignment.

How It Works

Launch’s hand-picked instructor works individually with your child or together with a group of up to 3 classmates. The focus of each session varies depending on the current needs of the student or group, as determined through conversation with parents and/or caregivers. Progress reports are generated after each session and made available to families.

Where And When

Launch One-2-One Math Tutoring is offered both virtually and in-home. Virtual sessions are conducted via the Zoom platform. If conditions allow for in-home lessons, strict safety protocols are required. Standard sessions are held once or twice a week and are one hour in duration. Enrollment is month-to-month with the option to cancel future months at any time.

My child had a great time in your program this week, it was really incredible – we have not been able to get him to engage in any online learning since the pandemic started but he absolutely loved Your Program and really seemed to learn a lot too.

Parent Of A Launch Student, Summer 2020

Our Instructors

From the graduate student studying microbiology to the computer scientist working at Google, Launch instructors are a talented bunch. Our hiring process is extremely selective and the criteria we use is unique. Not only do we focus on subject matter expertise, but personality and soft skills are absolutely critical. Our instructors all love to engage and inspire children!

I'm Ready To Get Started!

We have a lot to learn about what you want for your child. We’ll need to know the basics such as grade, type of instructional content desired, and schedule restrictions. But we’ll also want to understand what motivates your child, as that will be critical for placing the most effective and inspiring instructor possible. 

I'd First Like To Learn More!

The One-2-One program is an intensive learning experience. Let us walk you through the program in more detail. Ask questions specific to your student’s needs. Learn the reasons why Launch’s One-2-One private instruction program is second to none.

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