STEM Enrichment Programs
Spring 2024

STEM Enrichment
Spring 2024

STEM Enrichment How It Should Be:
Exciting, Effective + Fun!

School Pick-Up + Class Discounts!

Let your child spend the afternoon at Launch!
With school pick-up and multi-class discounts, an afternoon at Launch is more convenient and affordable than ever!

Launch provides inspiring and effective math + science programs by merging innovative curriculum with an engaging learning experience to foster appreciation and generate excitement for STEM topics. Designed for kids ranging from toddlers to tweens, Launch’s unique programs spark each child’s intrinsic desire to learn.

Spring 2024 STEM Enrichment Programs:

Spring 2024 STEM Enrichment Program Schedule:

(Classes are offered at Launch’s flagship UWS-81 location and start January 22nd.)

Spring 2024 STEM Enrichment Pricing:

Multi-Class Discounts!

For siblings, or kids who just want more Launch!
$200 off multi-class registrations or combine with Launch Learning.

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