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Posted on Nov 23, 2015 – 03:11pm by Launch

Cooking Thanksgiving dinner can seem overwhelming to most! There is a lot of pressure to cook a delicious meal and have your dishes ready at the same time to be served. A TON of preparation goes into it! Have you ever asked yourself, hmmm how much food is the right amount for this many people? We are sure you want to have plenty for leftovers but not too much that it is wasteful. And in stating the obvious you certainly do not want to run out either!

What is funny is that by doing some simple Math we can make Thanksgiving a lot easier for you.

Consider a few things first. Are there children joining? Do not count them as a full head. Is anyone attending on a special or limited diet? Once you know how many people you have read the below. Include your kids on the fun!

A good rule of thumb is 4 types of appetizers where each person would get 6-8 pieces. Lets do some math. If you are hosting 12 people then how many individual appetizers should you have?

Depending on how many pieces you want each person to have it might look like this:

12 x 6 = 72
12 x 7 = 84
12 x 8 = 96

For main dishes it is a safe bet to do a 1/2 pound per person. If you know of someone who is attending who might consume a tad more, round them up to a full 1 pound.

Quiz your kids with this next… If you have 26 guests eating 1/2 pound of turkey each how many pounds do you need your turkey to be?

If they said 13 pounds they are right! (26 x .05) Easy right?

For more tricks on how to break your meal size down
click here.

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