I Wanna Be…
An Astronaut!

I Wanna Be… An Astronaut!

I Wanna Be… An astronaut!

For Campers Entering Kindergarten + 1st Grade, Fall 2023

Three, two, one…blast off! It’s time to fall in line for astronaut training! Launch’s campers dive in by earning their helmets and jet packs as they discover what it takes to make it in outer space. Next up: Escape Earth’s gravity to explore the Sun, the Moon, and many of the solar system’s interesting features. Stand clear as we replicate the moon’s topography with our crater drop experiment! Then let’s kick it into warp drive to study the stars and build a light up constellation projector! From launching Alka-Seltzer rockets to creating satellite spinners, Launch’s budding space explorers learn the ropes as they prepare to take off to infinity and beyond!

Additional Topics Include: Orbit, Propulsion, Rockets, Space Shuttle, Phases of the Moon, Satellites, Stars, Space Station, Rovers

Optional Program Extension Until 3:30 PM: MATH MANIA!
Topic of the Week: Space Voyages (see Sample Camp Day below for more details)

Sample Camp Day:

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